Procreate Painting Brush Set
Procreate Painting Brush Set
Procreate Painting Brush Set
Procreate Painting Brush Set
Maxine Vee

Procreate Painting Brush Set

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I designed this brush set to create a combination of traditional and textured brushes! These brushes will imitate the behaviour of traditional brushes paired with unique textures. I love giving my paintings that "painterly" look so I've carefully curated these brushes to help you add in that sprinkle of whimsy! These brushes are perfect for creating scenes, characters and adding fine details. 

The brush set comes with 18 Brushes:

1. Thistle - Perfect for light sketches (Similar to a 2H pencil!) 

2. Midnight - A wispy and dry graphite brush 

3. Graphite - Standard HB Pencil brush with textures for linework (I use this a lot for adding fine details and line work!)

4. Picasso - Inspired by the painter, this brush imitates the expressive traditional paintbrush with a dry and rough texture 

5. Cooper - Soft-Medium Brush with hard fuzzy edges 

6. Forest - Round brush with speckled textures

7. Oak - Soft Blending Brush with Paper textures for rendering 

8. Blocky - Hard Brush with wispy edges (Imitates a crayon and charcoal) 

9. Glaze - Watercolour glaze brush for backgrounds 

10. Painterly - A Light loaded bristle brush with a wet texture

11. Silky Bristle - Smooth Brush with Noise (perfect for adding textures to backgrounds)

12. Sea and Fog - Round Airbrush with noise and speckled textures

13. Cloud - Perfect for making fluffy forms and shapes (I use this paired with "Painterly" for painting clouds!) 

14. Foliage - Leaf Brush (can be used as a stamp)

15. Foliage with Colour Dynamics - Leaf Brush but with colour variations 

16. Speckled - Small speckled dispersed dots for adding subtle sparkles 

17. Starry Sky - Paint the night with this starry speckled brush! 

18. Glitter - You can never go wrong with glitter! Glam up your paintings by sprinkling glitter! (Tip: Add colour dynamics for some fun colour variation!) 

I hope you enjoy the brushes!! 🤍